Team Warpaint Now Sporting a 42′ MTI Catamaran!

Although the Team Warpaint crew has been fairly quiet since its dramatic accident in Key West, Fla., during last year’s Super Boat International Key West World Championships, Bob Vesper and Danny Crank insist they’ve had every intention of returning to the racecourse this season from the day after last year’s crash on the last race…

MTI 48′ Phantom: Featured by Performance Boats Online!

Check out this awesome article about the infamous MTI 48′ Phantom, as featured by! Another brutish Phantom with a gentle side gets a standing ovation, behind 2,700 horsepower and impeccable orchestration. Kenny Armstrong’s fabulous Phantom, a 48′ MTI on twin Mercury Racing 1350 power, is the latest in a series of masterpiece build-outs from…

Stuart Hayim: MTI Enthusiast

Dear Randy, I thought you might enjoy some good news. For better or worse, I probably have had as much “seat time” in a catamaran as anyone in the world except maybe Johnny or yourself, Randy. I don’t say this to brag, but rather to tell you that never ever have I run a boat…

RECOVERY: Stu Hayim’s Record Run for Cancer

Be sure to check out this thrilling and inspiration video about Stuart Hayim’s record–breaking run around Long Island. Here, he speaks of his experience as a cancer survivor and how it inspired him to raise money for the Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation, working to make loud hospital business. Source:; September 7, 2012.

Marine Industry Buzzing with News of Hayim and Tomlinson Record Break!

Marine Technology Inc was one of the first to bring you the news of Stuart Hayim and John Tomlinson’s record breaking run in their 48′ MTI cat around Long Island a couple weeks ago. Since then, the story has been like wildfire through an array of Marine Industry, as well as local, news sources! Here are just a few quotes and a couple videos from a sample of the articles that we have found.

Bob Bull Reaches 186 MPH in 48′ MTI Cat!

This weekend wrapped up the week–long festivities surrounding the much anticipated 24th annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout! Bob Bull put up a tough fight on the water against Olson for the Top Gun trophy, and ended up swiping the 1st place title for his class with a top speed of 186-mph in his 48-foot…

Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout Schedule of Events

With the Lake Shootout full speed ahead, there is a long list of activities going on all over the lake not only to entertain lake residents and visitors but also to help raise money to support the monumental Shootout event. The Shootout itself is being held at Captain Ron’s Bar & Grill in Sunrise Beach and is considered the largest unsanctioned boat race in the Midwest with more than 100 racers and 100,000 spectators. Proceeds benefit the Lake Area Rescue Teams and other charitable organizations.

Hayim, Tomlinson Eying Record Run With Refreshed MTI Catamaran

Stuart Hayim in 42′ MTI CAT Crushes Record

STUART HAYIM CRUSHES RECORD FOR NAVIGATING A POWERBOAT AROUND LONG ISLAND IN THE NAME OF CHARITY! After A 15 year Hiatus, Hayim Returns To The Water To Benefit The Don Monti Memorial Foundation. On the morning of Wednesday August 8th, World Champion Powerboat Racer, Stuart Hayim, successfully broke his own record for navigating around Long…