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MTI-V 42 Customer Testimonial — Delivery and Fun Run

MTI-V 42 Customer Testimonial — Delivery and Fun Run

Check out this great testimonial from Ray Medlock regarding his MTI-V 42 and his first experiences with the center console. For someone who lives in Kansas and boats most often at his home on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, late February doesn’t sound like a great time of year to take delivery of a boat […]

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New MTI 340X Catamaran Bound To Attract Fans

New MTI 340X Catamaran Bound To Attract Fans

The new MTI 340X Catamaran, an outboard-powered go-fast beauty, is bound to attract a big fan base. Check out this recent featuring from, showcasing one of the latest projects from Marine Technology Inc, below! Introducing a new model in the high-performance powerboat world is tricky business. It doesn’t always go as planned. Just ask Randy […]

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The Boat Show Features Marine Technology Inc. SV 42

The Boat Show Features MTI-V 42

The MTI–V 42 was featured on The Boat Show earlier this year. The Boat Show spotlight of our Slot V 42 features many of the highly-favored attributes of the boat, ranging from the latest in boating technology and innovative design, to speed and motor specs, and more! The Boat Show publishes an array of videos focused on on–the–water tests, reports from national and international boat shows, visits to shipyards, boating technology, everyday boat repair and maintenance tips, races, events, celebrities, cooking, safety, charters, and more!

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Upgraded Aqua-Mania MTI Hits High Speeds

New Aqua-Mania MTI Hits High Speeds

The team’s new boat is an MTI 52-footer that accommodates six people strapped into custom-designed suspension seats in the enclosed cockpit. It flies the Aqua-Mania name and has six fuel tanks with an overall capacity of 1,016 gallons. Power is provided by twin turbine engines maintained mated to BPM surface drives. Merola asked MTI to raise the tunnel by 2 inches to help spill the air when the boat hits extremely high speeds. It must have worked because the second time out, with six people aboard, he and Rosen hit 201 mph.

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Mark Godsey's Project Mayhem MTI Catamaran

Mark Godsey’s Project Mayhem MTI Catamaran

Speed on the Water recently published a feature showcasing Mark Godsey’s Project Mayhem MTI Catamaran! When it comes to Sunday Fun Day, my wife, Britney, and I don’t get too creative but we always have a good time. I like to get up early and take the MTI out by myself. We are blessed to […]

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Mercury Racing Powers MTIs to Triple Crown Champs

Mercury Racing Powers MTIs to Triple Crown Champs

Mercury Racing Powers MTI to Triple Crown Championship Status! Read more from Mercury Racing, below.  I couldn’t wait to get in this morning to make some calls and write this post to celebrate Team CMS’s Superboat Unlimited Offshore World Championship. My first conversation was with John Tomlinson – throttleman in CMS #03, a Mercury Racing 1650 […]

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