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Wake Effects: MTI In Town For NBC Sports 2017

Wake Effects: MTI In Town For NBC Sports 2017

Marine Technology is excited for the upcoming NBC Sports Special, featuring the 2016 SBI Key West World Championship, presented by STIHL!

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MTI Catamarans Slotted to Compete in 2016 SBI World Championship

MTI Catamarans Slotted to Compete in 2016 SBI World Championship

Key West Worlds Week is officially here! Based on the unofficial entry list as of November 8th, the MTI Boats Fleet boasts 5 catamarans set to compete in the 2016 SBI World Championship, including: 03 Wake Effects, 3 CMS, 7 Team CRC – Sunlight Supply, NZ-1 Pro Floors Racing, and 33 Sailor Jerry Autonation.

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The Boat Show Features Marine Technology Inc. SV 42

The Boat Show Features MTI-V 42

The MTI–V 42 was featured on The Boat Show earlier this year. The Boat Show spotlight of our Slot V 42 features many of the highly-favored attributes of the boat, ranging from the latest in boating technology and innovative design, to speed and motor specs, and more! The Boat Show publishes an array of videos focused on on–the–water tests, reports from national and international boat shows, visits to shipyards, boating technology, everyday boat repair and maintenance tips, races, events, celebrities, cooking, safety, charters, and more!

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LOTO Shootout MTI Fun Run

LOTO Shootout MTI Fun Run

The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is essentially a home event for Marine Technology Inc, and always a highly-anticipated one at that. The presence of MTI was felt all across the lake, as catamarans and v–bottoms alike hit the water for a LOTO Shootout Fun Run. Check out the video footage below for a glimpse […]

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2016 Mentor Grand Prix

Wake Effects MTI at the 2016 Super Boat Mentor Grand Prix

Check out the Wake Effects / CMS Offshore Racing video highlights of the 2016 Super Boat International Mentor Grand Prix! Despite a mechanical issue on Lap 9, the #03 piloted by Rusty Rahm and Jeff Harris had strong pace and fast cornering speed. Together with a difference in prop choice, that made for some very […]

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Ride Along Inside MTI’s new 340X Catamaran

Ride Along in the New MTI 340X Catamaran

The MTI 340x Catamaran features a pair of Mercury Racing Verado 400R Engines, and rides like a dream. This is the smallest catamaran in the MTI fleet, and the first to feature outboards. Check out the 360° video, below, for a taste of what it’s like to ride in this sleek new cat!

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