MTI-V 42

Why buy a V-Bottom boat from a Premier Catamaran Builder?

The team at MTI-V did not forget what  made MTI what it is today when developing the new MTI-V 42. As with our proven Catamaran line, the new MTI-V 42 Center Console truly is Lighter, Stronger, and Faster than other center console boats. The boat is not just fast, but also very efficient. The ride and performance of this revolutionary new boat can not be accurately put into words.  It needs to be experienced.

1) Design:
Unlike many builders, MTI-V took the time to get the bottom design fine tuned for the perfect blend of speed and cruising ability with flawless handling manners. This revolutionary “Slot V” design provides a ride that is far more advanced than other boats. So far that we took the time to Patent the design. The twin keels provide handling manners as if the boat was on rails. There is never any indication of sliding or hooking in a corner.

The MTI-V 42 is not just a center console with Race Boat Construction. This new model offers the amenities and user friendliness that makes your time on the water more enjoyable. Our well developed list of options is a guide for configuring the perfect boat.. and if something is not on the list, we would certainly like to discuss the application.

Each boat is custom built for each individual client. Each client has their own definition of how the boat needs to work for their boating lifestyle. The MTI-V 42 offers our clients nearly endless options and possibilities. Several different seating configurations are offered as are cabin amenities that make the boat suitable for overnighting and long distance cruising.

v-runningThe area above the central cabin has a front lounge that is one of  the most comfortable seats on board. The design is such that you don’t feel like you’re going to fall or slide out while at cruising  speed.

The unique hard top is large enough to not only cover those at the console, but also those riding in the second row of seats. The MTI-V42 offers six electric bolsters and different rear seating options to allow the boat to be configured as desired.

The MTI-V is not built like everyone else’s center console… The MTI-V 42 is an Epoxy, Foam Cored, and Post Cured, all built with true Vacuum Bagging processes. Very few other builders actually Vacuum Bag their entire laminate.  Most only Vacuum Bag their core to the outer laminate. We Vacuum Bags the entire laminate and Foam core to achieve the proper Resin to Glass Ratios which provide strength and weight control. Excess resin does not make a boat stronger.

2014 Marine Technology Inc West Palm Beach Boat ShowOnly the finest materials are used throughout our lamination process. Epoxy Resin is used due to it’s strength and longevity…  Yes, Epoxy is not as easy to work with, takes more time to cure, and costs more than GP or Vinylester Resins… but this is no average boat.

E-Glass and Kevlar are the primary fabrics used.  We also use Carbon Fiber on weight sensitive components, or even on the entire build if specified by our client. Strength comes from using the right materials with the right techniques in an engineered manner.  The MTI-V 42 utilizes foam coring (no wood) in the hull bottom, sides, transom and stringers.  Many other boats are built minimal or even without core in the bottom.  The 42 has a cored bottom that is over 2″ thick, and a transom in excess of 5″ thick. MTI builds the MTI-V 42 like other builders may build a race boat. The cost of materials and labor are much higher with these techniques. This may sound excessive for a pleasure boat application.  It is. The end result is a boat that is Lighter, Stronger, and Faster. The boat is so solid that it must be experienced to fully understand the difference.

3) Performance:
The patented hull design offers a ride unlike anything else in the Vee Bottom world. The hull design utilizes twin keels, similar to a catamaran, yielding straight, stable, and predictable handling at all speeds. The step design also allows us to introduce air under the hull and trap a boundary layer air under the  hull between the twin keels. The MTI-V 42 is extremely dry riding even in extreme conditions. The boat keeps its bow high in both head and following seas. The wide bow does an excellent job of knocking down big swells.
The boat is large in size and ride (42′)  but it feels extremely agile and sporty.  The patented hull design is very efficient, not just in top speed but also in fuel burn at cruise (40mph @ 39gph, more than 1 mpg with quad Mercury 300 Verados) . This efficient design coupled with a 450 gallon fuel capacity yields excellent fuel range.
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