Video: MTI Boats — Speedboat Magazine Feature

Speedboat Magazine features an assortment of MTI boats including our eye catching 340X, MTI-V’s and pleasure boats. Check out some aerial footage of these impressive boats! Also, be sure to visit and subscribe to the MTI YouTube channel for more performance boating videos!

2018 LOTO Shootout — MTI Fun Run Video Snippet

The 2018 MTI Fun Run was held during the LOTO Shootout exclusively for MTI owners. Known as a “must attend event”, MTI enthusiasts had a great time participating in various parties and in-water adventures throughout the weekend.

Team Black Diamond MTI Catamaran & 340X Spotted in Destin, FL.

Powerboaters took the Emerald Coast by Storm last week for the annual Boat Week and poker run festivities. Check out the video, below, showcasing the stunning Black Diamond 52′ MTI Catamaran alongside the new twin outboard 340X  coasting along in Destin, FL, as captured by Bird-iView Aerial Photography!  The Black Diamond was the first MTI 52′…


Virtual Specs Tour of 48′ MTI Catamaran — Wake Effects Offshore Powerboat

Check out this specs video feature, showcasing the Wake Effects 48′ MTI Catamaran offshore race boat, which reaches a top speed of over 190 MPH! This MTI Catamaran is the vessel in which the Wake Effects Offshore Race Team was able to achieve both National and World Championship titles, as well as the Triple Crown, in the 2016 Super Boat International Racing Season.


MTI On NBC Sports Episode 1 From SBI Key West World Championships 2016

Check out the first of three installments from the 2017 NBC Sports Special featuring the 2016 SBI Key West World Championship! Here, you will be able to see all the action that ultimately led to MTI Catamarans claiming two spots in the top 3 on the first day of racing, with #7 Team CRC/Sunlight Supply snagging 2nd place and #3 CMS coming in just behind them in 3rd place.


The Boat Show Features MTI-V 42

The MTI–V 42 was featured on The Boat Show earlier this year. The Boat Show spotlight of our Slot V 42 features many of the highly-favored attributes of the boat, ranging from the latest in boating technology and innovative design, to speed and motor specs, and more! The Boat Show publishes an array of videos focused on on–the–water tests, reports from national and international boat shows, visits to shipyards, boating technology, everyday boat repair and maintenance tips, races, events, celebrities, cooking, safety, charters, and more!


LOTO Shootout MTI Fun Run

The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is essentially a home event for Marine Technology Inc, and always a highly-anticipated one at that. The presence of MTI was felt all across the lake, as catamarans and v–bottoms alike hit the water for a LOTO Shootout Fun Run. Check out the video footage below for a glimpse…