Powerboat Nation recently featured MTI’s V-Bottom Powerboat in a review, stating that it is a true “Powerhouse!” The rest of the article may be found below.

MTI’s new V-hull models are in the running to wow power boaters from coast to coast! Planning to meld high performance and sport/utility purposes, MTI is responding to consumer demands in a down but improving market whereby would-be consumers are looking to maximize their time on the open water.

With a new V-bottom class, MTI is no doubt incorporating a “multi-use” philosophy into their design. MTI does not seem to be holding back their well-known reputation for high performance power boats so often seen in poker runs across the nation. This is surely a reflection of what it takes to keep up with the changes, if not the impact of economy unto the power boat industry on the whole. Power boaters are looking for that one design that will be as fun screaming through the waves…open throttle as it is when anchored and relaxing with friends or family, even casting for that next prize catch…fish too!!

The 42SV is MTI’s answer to demanding boaters. This dual-personality bad-boy will still pack plenty of horsepower! So, be on the lookout at the next boat show for MTI’s continued excellence in formulating the perfect balance between fast and fun!

Source:; jsmithe; February 29, 2012.