black diamond MTITwo words—Black Diamond. The new Black Diamond MTI (an all-black 52-foot catamaran from Marine Technology Inc.) was a showstopper, to say the least, at the Miami International Boat Show earlier this month.

Powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines, the extremely custom boat is the first of three on order, according to Randy Scism, owner of MTI. Painted by Visual Imagination, the canopy pleasure boat features six seats in a unique configuration—two seats up front, two behind and two offset to the outside of the first two seats. All of the seats have built-in air-conditioning.

Everything inside the 52-footer is diamond-themed, too. From the steps going down into the cockpit and the diamond cutouts in the engine hatch vents, the attention to detail on the boat, which was actually finished at the show, is amazing.

Click here to read more about what MTI brought to the Miami Boat Show, and check out the video below for a slick cockpit tour of the new Black Diamond MTI!

Black Diamond Cockpit tour from John Teague on Vimeo.

Source:; Jason Johnson; February 14, 2013.