NewsThe Right Course to a First Cat

 The Right Course To Foglia's First MTI CatamaranCheck out this slick coverage of the proud new owner of a 44′ MTI cat, Vinnie Foglia! Click here to view the article in full at Offshore Only.

By any measure, a 44-foot Marine Technology, Inc., catamaran with dual Mercury Racing 1100 engines is a serious boat that needs to be approached with serious respect by any new owner, especially one stepping out of a V-bottom and into his first cat. With that kind of power, the 44-footer is more than a large, pretty object on the water—it’s one that accelerates quickly and is capable of speeds approaching 150 mph. Anyway you look at it, it’s a whole lot of go-fast boat to handle and a whole lot of responsibility.

Chicago-based businessman Vinnie Foglia is no stranger to the high-performance powerboat world. His last ride was a 42-foot Cigarette V-bottom with Mercury Racing 1350 engines and he owned several fast boats before he bought the Cigarette. But Foglia had never owned a cat, so even before he decided to buy his new 44 MTI, which was delivered to him at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks several days before last weekend’s Shootout, he knew he needed all the expert instruction he could get.

That’s why Scott Sjogren of Pier 57 Marine, the Waukegan, Ill., based MTI and Cigarette dealer that sold him the boat, delivered the boat to Foglia in person and ran it with him on the lake for two days before heading back to Chicago. Sjogren was only too happy to walk his friend and client through the basics.

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Source:; Matt Trulio; August 27, 2013.