Wake Effects & Others Prevail In Rough SBI Cocoa Beach Season-Opener

Photos courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Check out this article by Speed on the Water breaking down the Cocoa Beach Season-Opener! Get up-to-date on how your favorite MTI team did despite the worst sea conditions in the history of the event! 

From the mass exodus of all but two Superboat-class teams to the some of the worst weather and sea conditions in the nine-year history of their event, the organizers of today’s Super Boat International Space Coast Grand Prix in Cocoa Beach, Fla., faced one challenge after the next. And yet, despite smaller crowds on the beach thanks to the rainy weekend, the show went on and provided plenty of wild rough-water action, starting with today’s first race—even with its abbreviated five-lap (reduced from the usual 11 laps) storm course in seas of five to seven feet with crests up to eight feet, according to the course marshal.

With its start delayed for more than 40 minutes thanks to the rough water, the first race featured the Superboat V, Superboat Stock and Manufacturer Production 3 classes. (With just two open-cockpit boats in the fleet, the Manufacturer Production 4 class opted out of the competition, as did the Second Amendment team, which runs an open-cockpit 36-foot Spectre catmaran in Manufacturer Production Class 3.) SBI Livestream broadcaster Mike Yowaiski said it would be “a race of survival” in the predominantly quartering seas frothed up by 15- to 20-mph winds, and his prediction proved accurate.

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