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Powerboat Nation recently published an article recapping the results of the Superboat Unlimited class at the Key West World Championships, featuring a couple of our favorite MTI’s. Read the article below and join MTI in congratulating the Wake Effects team on their recent victory of 2018 World Champion and Team CRC with a close 2nd place finish!

Wake Effects, a 48’ MTI with owner/driver Rusty Rahm and throttleman Jeff Harris, stole an early lead held by Team CRC/Spooled Up Racing to give Rahm and Harris the World Championship—with a half point lead.

Team CRC, a 42’ MTI featuring owner/driver Mike DeFrees and throttleman Jay Muller, finished in second place at the Key West World Championships, while UAE-33 Team Victory, a 41’ Victory driven by Salem Ali Aladidi of Dubai and throttled by John Tomlinson, finished third. (Tomlinson pulled double-duty as throttleman of Superboat competitor Performance Boat Center/Jimmy John’s.)

Zabo Racing, a 42’ Victory driven by Ugur Isik and throttled by Miles Jennings, finished in fourth place.

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