The Miami International Boat Show has already come and gone for the year. Read the article below to check out how MTI made the highlights from the opening day of the show!

The team breezed into the Miami International Boat Show this morning. Yes, breezed. From our downtown hotel just off Brickell Avenue, we made it to the event’s Miami Marine Stadium venue on Virginia Key in just 20 minutes. In past years, the same trip has taken an hour—and almost twice that on the return leg.

We bring it up only because we have been more-than-a-little vocal about the traditional nightmare of getting to and from this beautiful location during the show. If you’re going to gripe, you need to praise when what you were carping about improves.

May it be so good tomorrow. We’ll knock on wood, cross our fingers and even sacrifice a live chicken if that’s what it takes.

As for the boat show itself, it never fails to deliver. What follows are the highlights from opening day.

MTI Goes Tweener

Marine Technology Inc., started its high-performance center consoles with a 42-footer that set a high bar for other center-console builders. The Wentzville, Mo., boatbuilder made a big—and frankly awesome jump—to a 57-footer. Today the company announced plans to add a 50-footer to its center console line. With his daughter, Taylor, by his side, MTI principal Randy Scism said the new model was driven by customer demand and will be released in 2021.

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