Legacy Daughters Of The Go-Fast Marine Revolution

Taylor Scism and her father, Randy (far left) enjoyed Offshore At The Ozarks-Cat Edition from an MTI-V 42 center console. Photo courtesy of speedonthewater.com

MTI’s very own Taylor Scism was listed as one of the legacy daughters of The Go-Fast Marine Revolution. We are so proud to have Taylor as a part of the MTI team! Continue reading to find out more on Taylor and her experience with and prior to joining MTI.

24-year-old Taylor Scism of MTI in Wentzville, Mo. is one of several high-performance marine industry legacy daughters who have joined their family’s businesses in various capacities.

“I plan all of the events, manage the social media platforms, run the apparel line and assist with sales,” said Scism, who is the company’s marketing manager and sales associate and the daughter of MTI founder Randy Scism.

Before joining the company full time a few years ago, Taylor Scism earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Mississippi, where she studied marketing, corporate relations, and manufacturing engineering.


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