Client Testimonials for the MTI Community This week’s client testimonials highlight the importance of our relationships with our MTI community. At MTI, we treat our clients like family and take pride in the work and services we do. Hearing feedback from our clients helps us build better relationships and better products so we can put the best boats in the water! Read some testimonies below from our MTI family. 

“Spectacular boats, well designed, excellent engines, spectacular performance, light with carbon fiber. Settle down well. Kudos to the planning company.”
Alessandro P.

“Marine Technology Inc is like family!! It’s a life experience!! Nobody does it like MTI!”
Mike S.

“Top shelf boatbuilder. Many years of experience building pleasure boats and race boats. The owner is a veteran boat racer all over the world. Just hired Terry Sobo, a top salesman in the industry.”
Everett C.

“Randy and his team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in providing excellent customer service. Their craft is unparalleled and the reason why they’ve become the industry leader in high–performance powerboat manufacturing.”
– Rachel H.

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