Sneak Peek: Digging The Jetster MTI 390X

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The sneak peek of the Jetster MTI 390X catamaran featuring new speed and design is here! This outstanding catamaran has the power of the big-cat racers, but the humble build to be a high-performing vessel with a compact look. Read more below about the sneak peek MTI 390X catamaran, “Jetster”. 

We have been given a sneak peek of one of the coolest and humblest cats you’ll ever meet in the go-fast boating world, Michigan’s Burton Kirsten does nothing halfway. If he’s in, he’s all in and, of course, that translates to the boats he calls his own. The most recent of these is an MTI 390X catamaran currently being painted at Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky., to match his outrageous catamaran called “Jet”.

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because Kirsten took a similar path a couple of years back with an MTI 340X catamaran he bought for his wife, Yvette. The Kirstens dubbed that boat “Lil Jet”.


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