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Taylor Scism, daughter of MTI founder Randy Scism, made her debut showcasing the new MTI in the Thunder on Cocoa Beach 450R Factory Stock class. Accompanied by throttleman Shaun Torrente, who was subbing in for veteran racer John Tomlinson, Scism was ecstatic to try out the new boat. Scism passed all dunk tank requirements and testing like a pro and showed off the new 39-foot MTI cat, despite the rough waters of Cocoa Beach.

Making her offshore racing debut in an MTI 390X running uncontested in the new 450R Factory Stock class, driver Taylor Scism, the daughter of MTI founder Randy Scism and his wife, Cherell, was joined in the cockpit by throttleman Shaun Torrente. Torrente, a two-time, back-to-back F1 H20 tunnel boat world champion, was subbing for throttlemen John Tomlinson, who couldn’t be in two places at once as the Supercat and 450R Factory classes started together.

Regardless, Scism was ecstatic after the event—and delighted with her teammate.

“Shaun did great in the boat on throttles and the boat handled the conditions so well—we were super happy with it,” she said. “I just can’t get over how wonderful the boat ran. Its running attitude was great.”

Sometimes a man of few words, Torrente kept it simple. “That 39 is a beast,” he said. Though Taylor Scism and Shaun Torrente didn’t face competition in the new 450R Factory Stock class, they couldn’t have been happier with how their 39-foot MTI cat performed.

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