Two MTI Craft Showcased During Fort Myers Offshore Races

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The pairing of enthusiast Bill Forenski and racer Taylor Scism headlined the showcase for MTI off the shore of Florida. Stealing the show with the MTI 390X & MTI 340X we couldn’t be more proud of those who represent us. Read more about the thoughts they had before heading to Fort Myers down below.

Two worlds melding together, pontoons and MTI catamarans. Not exactly the first pairing you might think of but it’s the pairing we saw down in Fort Myers Florida on October 8th 2021. Just one day before the APBA Offshore National Championship Series finale Bill Forenski, boat enthusiast and dealer, set out on the water in a for fun event with several other craft showcasing their speed, handling and comfort. At least two MTI models, the canopied 390X that Taylor Scism, the daughter of company founder Randy Scism, and John Tomlinson are fielding in the first-year Factory 450R Stock class and dealer Bill Forenski’s own MTI 340X.

“In 2019, Friday was pretty much a free day for Roar Offshore fans so I reached out to Randy Scism at MTI to do this. The MTI race boat will be on land. Both Randy and Taylor Scism also will be there. It should be a fun, casual event.” Bill Forenski said in anticipation of the Friday fun event.

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