New MTI 390X Color Scheme Inspired By Caribbean Edition Breitling Timepiece

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Joe Sabo was inspired by a Caribbean Edition Breitling Timepiece for the color scheme of his new MTI 390x. MTI’s team was ecstatic to take on this project as they have never done a color combination like it before. Continue reading to learn more about the timepiece and the MTI boat.

With the exception of show-weary exhibitors, no one was more excited to see the Miami International Boat Show close than longtime performance-boat owner Joe Sabo. It’s not that Sabo, who lives in Cape Coral, Fla., has anything against boat shows—he enjoyed the Miami event in its entirety. It’s just that his MTI 390X catamaran was booth-locked at the Wentzville, Mo., company’s exhibit in the Miami Convention Center.

“I want to get it back home and run it,” said Sabo. “After that, it’s going to Shaun Torrente Racing. Shaun is going to install his brackets—they’re already sitting on the floor in his shop—and dial it in. He definitely knows how to do it.

“My first event will be the MTI owners rendezvous,” he added.

Powered by a pair of color-matched Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines, the 39-footer boasts a color scheme inspired by Sabo’s Breitling Caribbean Edition timepiece. According to Sabo, only 200 of them were created by the famed Switzerland-based watch-maker.


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