Inside SOTW Mag: Bruggemann’s Take—Starting 2022 Off With A Bang

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With the 2022 offshore race season right around the corner, the Super Cat-class Pro Floor Racing MTI catamaran is getting ready to race. Continue reading to see the MTI  catamaran featured in Speed On The Water’s Digital Magazine and read what Bruggemann has to say about their kick-off earlier this year for the 2022 season. 

Even though we worked straight through the holidays, we are still slammed with work at Grant’s Signature Racing. In addition to all the ongoing projects we have here, we had customers such as Matt Rice and Chris LaMorte in town for the Joey Gratton Memorial New Year’s Day Fun Run and two events in the days before the Gratton run. We needed to take care of all of the—and we did.

Not only can it be a great time of the year for boating in this area during the winter holidays, but the Gratton Memorial event makes the New Year extra special for those who live here year round. Joey Gratton was a wonderful man and his family is just as special. It’s great to see them continue to enjoy boating and to see their family grow.

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