Brothers Take Delivery Of New MTI-V 50 In Time For Louisiana Fun Run

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Although the Lousiana Fun Run was a few weeks ago, MTI still wants to bring attention to brothers, P.G. and Billy Georgiou, who were able to unveil their new brightly colored MTI-V 50 just in time for the upcoming boating season where they plan to show out. The boat was delivered before the event took place, allowing its premier to be at the fun run. Continue reading to learn more. 

A little less than two years ago, just before the Fourth of July, brothers P.G. and Billy Georgiou took delivery of their second MTI-V 42 luxury performance center console. Between its radical lighting system and chest-thumping sound system, the boat, which was powered by quad Mercury Racing 450R engines, was a stunning rendition of the company’s popular 42-footer. This time around, the Kentucky-based brothers, who own several health clubs, a supplement company and Megafit Meals—a high-quality prepped meal business that caters to customers nationwide—decided to take it to the next level.

On Thursday, the Georgious were introduced to their latest MegaFlexin model, a bright green MTI-V 50 luxury performance center console powered by five Mercury Racing 450R engines. And this time, they weren’t messing around. The brothers opted for bright green graphics, a mega LED lighting and stereo system, a slightly lighter layup thanks to a carbon-fiber deck and other eliminated goodies, and a lengthier boat overall.

MTI’s Tom Stuart had the pleasure of delivering the 50-footer in time for the Kort 200 Fun Run, which has been taking place this week in and around Springfield, La., home to the longstanding Tickfaw 200 Poker Run, which is expected to return true to form in 2023.

“Our top priority as of late was to get the new 50 finished in time for P.G. and Billy to do the fun run in Louisiana with their friends Nate Michel and Kort Wittich, the performance boaters behind this years’ event,” Stuart said. “We had everyone on it at the shop to get it finished and we pulled it up to the dock (Thursday just in time for the guys to hop on and take it for a spin.

“In my opinion, the boat turned out awesome,” he continued, adding his praise for the job Michel and Wittich had done thus far. “I think the colors are bright and beautiful; you can see the boat coming from a mile away.”

The only opinion that truly matters is that of P.G. and Billy Georgiou, and, according to P.G. Georgiou, the MTI-V 50 is the perfect boat for them thanks to the party platform it provides along with top-notch performance and top-of-the-line electronics ranging from color-changing LED to an over-the-top stereo system.

“We decided to move on to the latest and greatest, and I’ll tell you what, the 50 is absolutely awesome,” P.G. Georgiou said as he was wrapping up day two of the Kort 200 Fun Run on Friday afternoon. “We went with the 450R engines—there are five on this boat—and we have no complaints so far. The boat has topped 88 mph, which I believe is the fastest V 50 that’s been tested.

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