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In the newest issue of Speed On The Water Magazine, MTI owners were interviewed to discuss their love and passion for performance boating.  Continue reading to find out more.

The MTI owners Mike and Sarah Howe explain life in the spotlight, “With more than half a million followers on Facebook and 52,000-plus subscribers to their YouTube channel that has more than a dozen video posts that have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times, Maine natives Mike and Sarah Howe have become two most well- known performance boaters on the planet.”

“In fact, the husband-and-wife team behind the Howe 2 Live adventure lifestyle videos are far more likely to be recognized by someone in the general public than Steve Curtis, Reggie Fountain, Bob Teague or any powerboat legend.”

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Another couple, Mark and Britney Godsey talk about their personal lives on the water and in the air, “Whether running the MTI 390X catamaran, wake-surfing or snowboarding, Tennessee’s Mark and Britney devote most of their leisure time to fun on the water.”

“Mark Godsey is a private pilot who recently earned his instrument rating and Britney is his most-frequent co-pilot in a Cirrus plane he shares with his father, Don, who’s also a pilot.”

“In 2019, they purchased a canopied MTI—the former Pass Blocker cat owned by retired NFL defenseman Brad Benson of the New York Giants— powered by Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines. Much as they enjoyed the 52-footer, it was a whole lot of boat for two people to handle.”

“So last year they made another move and purchased an MTI 390X with twin Mercury Racing 450R outboards.”

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