The prestigious Cates Cup stands as a symbol of powerboat racing excellence, embodying the highest ideals of competitiveness, team spirit, and true sportsmanship. This coveted trophy is annually bestowed upon the World Championship race team that demonstrates unparalleled dedication to these principles. Presented by Race World Offshore, the offshore powerboat racing sanctioning body headquartered in the vibrant city of Key West, Florida, the Cates Cup has become synonymous with the pinnacle of achievement in the exhilarating world of offshore racing.

This illustrious award is a testament to the enduring legacy of Craig Cates and his remarkable family. Beyond being an accomplished powerboat racer, Cates wears many hats, including a devoted husband, caring father, esteemed mayor, and dedicated commissioner—a true exemplar of greatness in every aspect of life. His multifaceted contributions have left an undeniable mark on the offshore racing community, making the Cates Cup a tribute to his unwavering commitment and passion for the sport.

In recognition of Craig Cates and his family’s profound impact, the Cates Cup finds its permanent residence in the heart of Key West. It will be showcased in a rotating display, honoring not only the recipients but also those who avidly support Race World Offshore, the valued sponsors, the Cates family, and the broader offshore racing community. This perpetual celebration of excellence serves as a reminder of the shared camaraderie and sportsmanship that define the spirit of powerboat racing at its finest.

MTI is honored to receive this award for the 2023 championships, marking a significant milestone in our team’s history. The Cates Cup not only recognizes the exceptional performance on the water but also acknowledges our team’s embodiment of the core values of competitiveness, team spirit, and true sportsmanship. Thank you to Race World Offshore & Craig Cates!