The Boat Show Features Marine Technology Inc. SV 42

The Boat Show Features MTI-V 42

The MTI–V 42 was featured on The Boat Show earlier this year. The Boat Show spotlight of our Slot V 42 features many of the highly-favored attributes of the boat, ranging from the latest in boating technology and innovative design, to speed and motor specs, and more! The Boat Show publishes an array of videos focused on on–the–water tests, reports from national and international boat shows, visits to shipyards, boating technology, everyday boat repair and maintenance tips, races, events, celebrities, cooking, safety, charters, and more!

LOTO Shootout MTI Fun Run

LOTO Shootout MTI Fun Run

The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is essentially a home event for Marine Technology Inc, and always a highly-anticipated one at that. The presence of MTI was felt all across the lake, as catamarans and v–bottoms alike hit the water for a LOTO Shootout Fun Run. Check out the video footage below for a glimpse…

Marine Technology Inc SBI World Championship Spotlight Custom Designed Catamarans and Center Consoles

Marine Technology Inc. SBI World Championship Spotlight: Custom Designed Catamarans and Center Consoles

Check out this design spotlight video, focusing on Marine Technology Inc.’s unmatched design in the realm of powerboats, v–bottoms, and more. This inside look features commentary by MTI president, Randy Scism, as well some behind-the-scenes insight from Wes Jones, a graphic designer at MTI, who handles the wrap–design and some of the customization for which…