Building Championship Boats: Team CRC

When it comes to offshore racing, no team has had the success in an MTI like CRC Offshore Racing. With 4 World Championships and many race wins to their name, Team CRC is at the top. Owner Mike Defress has partnered with many throttlemen, but the most recent is world renown, Johnny Tomlinson. With Tomlinson,…


Plain and Simple MTI

MTI sells many high performance boats and has done that by attending boats shows, boat races and poker run events in the U.S. and around the world. The sales network through Pier57 is second to none. If you are looking for a new model boat or trade in… contact Pier57 and let MTI be your…


2010 Class 1 Italian Grand Prix Video Welmax

WELMAX HANDED BACK EDOX POLE POSITION WIN – RECLASSIFIED IN RACE 1 Sunday, 3 October, STRESA (Italy): Welmax has been reinstalled as winner of the Edox Pole Position and reclassified in race 1 of the Italian Grand Prix after a successful appeal, with the race Jury overturning the original penalty. The Jury heard statements from…


Pleasure Series

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MTI and the North Sea – Video

Check out this video…. The Speed Racer team crosses the North Sea in 2008. You have to watch some of this footage and see the punishment the MTI takes and how it holds up to rough conditions. What an unbelievable feat. MTI and the North Sea.