MTI High performance boats can be seen participating at many professional events throughout the year. Marine Technology Inc. also sponsors and advertises with many groups to further support high performance boating and safety. You can see many sizes and colors of MTIs on the water during these weekend and sometimes weeklong events and also catch MTI showcasing their boats in corporate booths. Join fellow MTI owners at various Poker Run events this year and run up against some of the fastest and tricked out MTIs around.

The Florida Powerboat Club was founded in 1993 as a membership-driven organization to promote safe, responsible powerboating in a group setting and assist performance boating enthusiasts in many ways to achieve the maximum enjoyment from their Florida powerboating lifestyles. The club founder is committed to the objective of improving the sport for its participants, while fostering a positive image with the general public. Florida Powerboat Club welcomes both beginners to the sport, as well as seasoned veterans, to cultivate an atmosphere where individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultures may interact and share in the pursuit of this exciting recreational sport.

Desert Storm Poker Run has brought performance boating excitement to Lake Havasu in ever increasing waves! The 2010 event was great even with the severe economic downturn our nation was experiencing. We had the maximum excitement we could ever pack into a four day powerboat event. Once again we were the talk of the nation and, while others had to cut back, we were very fortunate in what we pulled off. Well, it was thanks to all of you for your excitement and enthusiastic participation in making the event what it was!

For nearly 20 years, the APRA has led by example by keeping safety its #1 goal. This achievement is no accident – it’s the result of operating under a simple set of common-sense rules that stop potential problems before they can start. Poker runs are not about racing, where you need to win at all costs, poker runs are about spending a day with friends enjoying warm sunshine, fresh air, great food, all while enjoying the thrill of performance boating. In order to protect the continuing growth of the performance boating sport, the APRA was formed with the support of the boat manufacturers, dealers, and poker run organizers with a mandate to promote standard guidelines for safety rules and procedures that would be appropriate to the needs of both participants and organizers of performance boating poker run events.