Racing Series

5252′ Racing Series

Our customers asked for it… Our 52’ Catamaran shows the evolution of our product line.  This 11.5’ wide  catamaran certainly rules the seas.

The 52 is available in Open or Closed cockpit configurations.

Closed cockpit boats have traditionally been 2, and sometime 4 seat cockpits designed strictly for the race circuit.  The MTI 52 changes that. The large enclosed cockpit has space for six people and enough space to keep all occupants comfortable.  Entry is handled through a large electrically operated hatch, that latches tight for safety at speed.   The cockpit can be built with a race spec roll cage, 2” thick impact rated windows, and floor and roof escape hatches.  The five point harnesses keep operators and passengers safely secured. The MTI 52 is an extreme powerboat.  MTI takes safety seriously.

Air conditioning and shock absorbing seating help keep the ride enjoyable.

The MTI 52 R/P is also available in an Open Cockpit for those that like the wind in their hair. Owners have the option of selecting either 6 or 8 person cockpit arrangements.

Our customers are able to choose either Stern Drive or Surface Drive with Rudder propulsion. We recommend powering the 52 with Mercury Racing TCI 1350 engines for strong, reliable performance.

Every 52 is uniquely constructed to match the tastes and lifestyle of its owner.  All MTIs truly do reflect their owners personality and uniqueness.

The first 52 was unveiled at the Miami Boat Show 2013. It was named Black Diamond… Learn More >>

48′ Racing Series

When it comes to offshore racing innovation, MTI Racing Series leads the way and in 2011 we pulled ahead of the competition again with the introduction of the new MTI 48 Race Series. Designed for the most extreme classes in offshore racing, the 48 Race Series is designed to take on the biggest, fastest, most demanding race courses and conditions found anywhere in the world. With a massive 11’6” beam and new computer-modeled hull, our 48 Race Series is the product of an exhaustive engineering and testing effort by our world-renowned engineering and race team staff. Built with the same passion and attention to detail that MTI is famous for, and coupled with a bold new design and the performance to match, the 48 Race Series will have the race world buzzing!

Length Over All (LOA): 47′-7″ • Beam: 11′-6″ • Fuel Capacity: 260 Gallons

44′ Racing Series

The MTI 44 Race Series is the boat that rewrote the rulebooks! With its extended transom and surface drives, this model dominated the APBA’s Offshore Super Cat Series when it was first introduced. National and World Champions Mark and Paul Nemschoff’s Tommy Bahama race team and, Pier 57′s David Woods and Art Lilly quickly amassed an extensive list of wins and put the rest of the class at a decided disadvantage. An award winning combination of handling and speed make this a serious competitor on any race course worldwide. The MTI 44 Race Series takes racing to the extreme!

Length Over All (LOA): 44′-1″ • Beam: 10′-6″ • Fuel Capacity: 200 Gallons

42′ Racing Series

There’s one thing all winning racers know… if you want to win you need the best equipment and the MTI 42 Race Series has what you’ll need to win races and championships. In November of 2010, Team CRC ended two years back to back with Super Boat Class 750 World Championships in Key West, Fl. In 2006, the  MTI 42 Race Series models collected an impressive list of records and championships with Mike DeFrees’ Team CRC boat winning the Offshore Super Series (OSS) Cat Extreme Class World Championship in addition to re-writing the record books in 2005 by taking the Supercat Kilo World Record to a new height of 160.98 MPH. The MTI 42 Series OSS sweep continued in 2006 with Nichols Offshore taking the World Championships in OSS Cat and Reliable Carriers claiming the title of National Champions in OSS Cat. If your race team is looking to do battle in the highly competitive world of professional powerboat racing, then the MTI 42 Race Series will give you a distinct advantage with performance and safety features alike.

Length Over All (LOA): 41′-8″ • Beam: 10′-6″ • Fuel Capacity: 200 Gallons

40′ Racing Series

Heralded by Powerboat Magazine as “The model for all race boats to follow”, the MTI 40 Race Series has taken the OSS Cat Light and SBI Super Cat classes by storm, racking up race wins and championships one after another. The 40 Race Series offers new racers and experienced veterans alike, a proven platform to be competitive in the exciting world of powerboat racing. As with all MTI race models, the 40 Race Series uses the latest in design engineering coupled with the most advanced, vacuum bagged, post-cured epoxy lamination construction in the industry.

Length Over All (LOA): 38′-10″ • Beam: 10′-6″ • Fuel Capacity: 200 Gallons