spiritofqatarmtiHammer Down Boating recently caught up with William “Billy” Moore, throttleman for the #20 MTI Spirit of Qatar Offshore Race Team, to get some details on the 2014 season. Check it out below!

On the team: “No changes for this season… Ali is a very good driver, and was able to pull off some really good racing lines in Key West.”

On their 41’ MTI: “The boat ran really well in last race of Key West, but we’re always trying to improve. Sheikh Hassan and QMSF always want the team to push forward, for the best. We made some changes, so we can fine tune the balance, and so we can push hard, having it where we want, it for that day.”

Getting ready for the 2014 season: “We’re doing some extensive testing, to prove our changes are for the better. The main focus for this year is the Florida races, and Key West.”

On the competition: “There’s lots of changes with existing teams, like Stihl and Broadco, but we cannot count them out. Some new teams will add to the competition, also making it important to have setup on point. WHM is getting a new boat,; we’re not sure if it’ll be at the first race…they should be fast with it, as well, once together and tested.”

Source: Hammer Down Boating; March 23, 2014.