Stephen Miles Designs has a project he is working on for Johnny O’Loughlin, a client who he has worked with previously. This time around, Miles is painting his first MTI 390X. Read below to find out more about the project!  

Miles is in the process of painting his first MTI 390X sport catamaran, which is owned by well-known go-fast boat enthusiast Johnny O’ Loughlin. Based in New York, the hands-on O’ Loughlin has owned several MTI models including a pair of color-matched 34- and 48-foot catamarans.

“I’ve worked very closely with Johnny O from the jump,” said Miles. “I even met with him at MTI to help collaborate with him, Randy Scism and Wes Jones on the interior and upholstery.

“The 390X is going back to MTI for rigging at the end of the week,” he continued. 

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