MTI To Build 390XR Canopied Pleasure Boats

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Two MTI 390XR canopied pleasure boats are being built for long-time enthusiasts Burton & Yvette Kirsten. Based on MTI’s new 390X race boat the canopied pleasure versions will feature all the same safety and performance-ready for anyone to hit the open waters with. Continue reading below to learn more!

“The MTIs are great boats. They look good and they’re fun to drive. I can’t say enough good things about Rusty and the whole team at Performance Boat Center. I’ve been boating my whole life and I still can’t get over how well PBC has treated me these last few years. The coolest thing about buying a boat from Rusty is that he spends the time teaching you how to drive it.”

“When Rusty told us Burton really wanted to build a closed-canopy 390X we took it seriously because we’d been considering building a deck mold for the race boat to make it more production-friendly anyway,” said Taylor Scism. “Currently we use the 390X molds and put the canopy on after the fact. We have high safety standards; we use the same safety equipment and lamination schedule that we used when working with the Abu Dhabi team on its XCAT boat. It’s all UIM standards so it’s the highest standards we could meet.”

Taylor Scism said the same standards are going into the new pleasure boats, which she added could be used for both recreation and racing if a customer was so inclined.

“We’ve done some four-seater race boats in the past, but when we built our first 390X race boat we built it with two seats because it’s pretty much a test platform for the new class,” she said. “And so far, so good. The 450R seems to be a reliable package for racing. And we’ve really put the engines to the test between racing, testing, and top-speed shootouts. When I was with John Tomlinson at the last race, he said with the amount of testing we’ve done in our boat that he would have had to rebuild the engines in his Supercat-class boat two times already. I think there’s a lot of potential for this class.”

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