MTI Sport Cat Provides Former V-Bottom Man The Best Boating Experience

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The MTI Sport Cat has for many years provided an amazing experience out on the open waters. However, nothing quite gets us as excited as hearing stories like Bill Forenski’s. Bill for many years was a devout V-bottom man, yet after much time pontooning, Bill made the switch to an MTI Sport Cat. Ever since Bill has been a devout fan of ours and continues to enjoy his time on the waters. Hear more of Bill’s thoughts down below!

Once a devout high-performance V-bottom man who couldn’t imagine owning anything else, Bill Forenski has mono-hulls out of his system for good. But his conversion didn’t start with the MTI 340X he bought this year and recently replaced with its larger 390X sibling. It actually began many years ago with pontoon boats.

To some degree, the pontoon-and-sport-cat combo parallels the increasingly popular pairing of performance-oriented center consoles and sport cat among buyers who can afford both. “It’s the best of both worlds,” he continued. “If we’re going on a poker run, we take the MTI cat. The pontoon is for Sunday cruising with friends. But everyone I take on the pontoon cannot believe the performance and ride quality in rough water.”

For Forenski, running pontoons boats for years even made the transition from V-bottoms to catamarans easier. “They have a similar feel on the water,” he explained. “It’s not really about the top speed for me—it never has been,” said Forenski. “It’s about comfort, ride quality and just enjoying myself. What I love most about the MTI is its ride quality.”

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