John Tomlinson on His First Year Alongside Taylor Scism

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Another fantastic year on the water is coming to a close. This year our MTI 390X cat competed in the Factory Stock 450R class. It was a new boat and a new driver. Taylor Scism made her rookie debut driving this season and did a phenomenal job. John Tomlinson recently documented his experience alongside Taylor this year and we have that for you to enjoy! 

I have raced offshore and succeeded with a lot of people, Forest Barber comes to mind, who didn’t have a lot of offshore racing experience when they started. But racing with Taylor Scism in the new Factory Stock 450R catamaran class this season is the first time I’ve shared the cockpit with a true rookie. It’s also the first time I’ve raced with a woman, and it’s made absolutely no difference.

Taylor is doing well as a driver. Not only is she a fast-learner, I don’t think I’ve ever raced with anyone more thrilled and pumped up to compete. And she’s already had more seat time in her MTI 390X cat with Mercury Racing 450R outboards than you might think.

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