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MTI owner and Florida Powerboat Club member, Kenny Armstrong, is a well-known personality in the high-performance powerboating community. The Texas native’s MTI is inspired by his luxury Rolls-Royce Phantom-model automobile and a great representation of the unique MTI boats out there! To learn about Armstrong’s powerboating history and success story, continue reading.

A larger-than-life-personality from the Lone Star State, Kenny Armstrong of Dickinson, Texas, became well known in the high-performance powerboating community for several reasons. First, he owns a 2012 model-year 48-foot MTI catamaran dubbed Phantom. The Mercury Racing 1350 engine-powered catamaran is painted not just to pay homage for Armstrong’s favorite musical, it takes a few color cues from his Rolls-Royce Phantom-model luxury automobile.

Second, though he doesn’t make it to as many Florida Powerboat Club poker run events as he used to, he was fixture on the club’s poker-run circuit for more than 10 years.

“I think he’s done a dozen to 15 poker runs with us,” said Stu Jones, the president of the club.

Last and anything but least, Armstrong has hosted a massive pool party as his home during the Texas Outlaw Challenge since the early days of the happening. The party became notorious in the go-fast boating for its ability to accommodate a large fleet at Armstrong’s private docks and handle a few hundred folks in its expansive system of swimming pools.

“There had to be more than 1,000 people there,” said Ryan Johnson, former team member who attended the event and Armstrong’s infamous bash. “We guessed there were at least 150 boats stacked in rows in the channel, not to mention boats beached on Armstrong’s personal beach.”

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