Hectic Weekend in Michigan City and Looking Ahead to Sheboygan!

Photo courtesy of speedonthewater.com

This weekend’s Great Lakes Grand Prix in Michigan City was riddled with bad weather and surprises but was full of action. The MTIs who competed finished in a variety of positions and are now more motivated than ever to make their way to the top of the leaderboard to put them in a good position for the rest of the season.

Tomlinson and Scism of T/S Motorsports clinched a 2nd place finish. In regards to the other MTI’s competing against our famed #7 MTI in the Factory Stock 450R class, Willie Cabeza and Gary Ballough (GC Racing) took third, followed by newcomer Caleb Mead and veteran Shaun Torrente, securing the 4th position in MF Racing.

Our thoughts are extended to Team Dirty Money as they experienced a severe crash during the Super Cat Class race that will keep them out of the running for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, the cockpit remained intact and secured both Bill Plyburn and Rusty Williams allowing them to walk away uninjured. Sadly there was another accident involving the Klovar Motorsports team while they were traveling to the race in Michigan City. Those involved did suffer from injuries but gratefully they all have been released from the hospital and are expected to make full recoveries. We are lifting up all impacted this weekend and hoping to see them back on the water as soon as possible.

Anticipation is now building for this weekend’s race in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, where Scism and Tomlinson are determined to climb back to first place at the Mercury Racing Midwest Challenge.

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