The Clearwater Offshore Nationals took center stage this past weekend against the stunning backdrop of Clearwater, Florida’s pristine shores, and it was nothing short of an emphatic success. This cherished event, boasting a rich history spanning more than a decade, consistently attracts the best of the best in the global offshore racing community, and this year was no exception.

As expected, the competition in the 450R Factory Stock Class, featuring the daunting duo of Scism and Tomlinson, was a nail-biting spectacle that had fans perched on the edges of their seats. It showcased a masterclass in offshore racing, as Scism and Tomlinson seized first place amid thunderous applause. Notable mentions repping MTI manufactured vessels go to Mead Family Racing, securing second place, and 151 Express in third! With this, MTI swept the podium in the Stock 450 class. Along with this, MTI secured two additional wins in the Extreme class with JBS Racing and a fellow APBA Championship team, S-54 Team Allied in the Super Stock class.

Their victorious moment was met with excitement from spectators along the shoreline and those on the pier, emphasizing the exceptional skill and undeniable perseverance. The Clearwater Offshore Nationals, once again, affirmed its status as an absolute must-attend event on the offshore racing calendar. This event consists of over a decade of excellence and serves as the arena where the world’s premier offshore race teams converge to push the boundaries of their abilities, delivering heart-pounding action to captivated audiences. This year’s edition lived up to its legacy, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the future chapters of this iconic competition.

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