MTI Dominates the St. Pete Grand Prix With 1st Place Victory

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Last weekend at the St. Pete Grand Prix, the TS Motorsports MTI team showcased skill, teamwork, and more as they clinched a remarkable 1st place victory in the highly competitive 450 Factory Stock class. This victory was a testament to the expertise of their driver, Taylor Scism, and the invaluable contribution of their throttleman, Johnny Tomlinson. Continue reading to dive into the thrilling journey that led MTI to the top of the podium and explore the magic that unfolded on the waves of St. Petersburg.

Tomlinson and driver Taylor Scism would have no such issues in the 450R Factory Stock class in their 39-foot MTI, TS Motorsports. While the start was a bit of a fustercluck when officials threw a quick green flag, the duo took advantage of their inside lane to blast to the lead while some of the other seven boats in the class made some questionable navigation decisions.

“Having pole position definitely helped in a flatter race,” said Scism, who was on the radio with crew chief Milton Calafel and her father Randy Scism who was patched in from his home in Missouri.

When it comes to setup, Scism said that she, Tomlinson, Calafel, and her fiancé, Shaun Peters, put their heads together to make the call.

“We just kept a really close eye on the water and today it laid down,” Scism said. “We look at everything we ever do and make our best educated decision based on all on the things.”

When lining up for a start, Scism keeps an eye on where the boat is going and Tomlinson watches the pace boat and the flag, so it’s not bad having a multi-time world champion ready to mash the throttles when the flag goes.

“When it is flatter, when they go, if you’re sleeping on the flag you definitely miss the start,” Scism said.

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MTI’s victory in the 450 Factory Stock class at the St. Pete Grand Prix is a momentous achievement, one that highlights their dedication to excellence in the world of powerboat racing. But for this team, it’s not just about one race; it’s about the journey. With their eyes set on future challenges and competitions, MTI is ready to push the limits once again, demonstrating that when it comes to high-speed racing, they are a force to be reckoned with.

As we celebrate their victory at the St. Pete Grand Prix, we look forward to the exciting races and achievements that lie ahead for MTI. Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling moments from this remarkable team as they continue to make waves in the world of powerboat racing.

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