MTI At 25: Water Street Confidential Season Finale Pairs Randy Scism With Rick PierceRandy Scism of MTI and Rick Pierce of Bass Cat Boats, both highly accomplished in the boat-building industry, are featured in the final episode of the Water Street Confidential video project. Although Scism and Pierce had crossed paths previously, they formally met during the project. Continue reading to discover how Scism and Pierce became buddies over their shared devotion to boats!

It wouldn’t be hyperbole to call MTI’s Randy Scism and Rick Pierce of Bass Cat Boats “American Masters” in their given boat-building pursuits. Scism has steered his now 25-year-old catamaran and center console company in Wentzville, Mo., to the top of its game. Likewise, Pierce has led Bass Cat Boats in Midway, Ark., to the top of the tournament bass-boat game. The master moniker simply fits. And that is why they are paired in the final episode of the Water Street Confidential video project, an eight-segment interview series inspired by Country Music Television’s’s “Crossroads” program. Water Street Confidential parings saw everything from now-former Mercury Racing director of customer experience Steve Miller jam alongside fellow guitarist and Double R Performance Canadian Nor-Tech dealership co-owner Peters Roberts and legacy offshore racers Nick Imprescia and Brit Lilly talk about their famous fathers and much more.

As it happened, though Scism and Pierce had crossed paths during the years they’d not formally met until the night before at the Water Street location in Fond du Lac, Wis., the home of Mercury Racing. In just one beer and two minutes they had whipped out their smart phones and were sharing boat pictures.

As you’ll see in the video, that fast friendship carried into their interview.

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