MTI At 25: Leigh’s Fresh Florida Keys Perspective

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Photographer Tom Leigh describes his experience photographing Texas boater John Caldwell in his MTI with twin Mercury Racing engines during the Owners Fun Run. He expands on the captivating story of his encounter with the dynamic 48-foot MTI, showcasing the seamless harmony between speed, beauty, and the serenity of the open water. Continue reading to join us on an exhilarating journey through the lens of the renowned photographer!

In a few months when Lake Havasu City, Ariz.-based photographer Tom Leigh packs all his camera equipment in preparation for shooting the MTI Owners Fun Run in the Florida Keys, which is scheduled for March 14-18, 2024, and limited to 40 entries, he’ll be gearing up for his fifth visit to the Keys for the Wentzville, Mo., company’s customer appreciation event.

It sure doesn’t feel like we’re approaching five years since Leigh took the captivating image above of Texas performance boater John Caldwell at the helm of his then-new 48-foot MTI with twin Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engines. It’s a shot Leigh had practiced and accomplished in other settings, but never before in South Florida—in this case somewhere between the friendly confines of Gilbert’s Resort in Key Largo and the next stop: Key West.

Besides the beautiful blue colors and the sun’s reflections on the water and the horizon, this picture was impactful as Caldwell’s 48-footer, which was powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engines, was one of MTI’s featured new boats at the Miami International Boat Show a few weeks earlier.

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