MTI At 25—Batman LivesThe 44-foot Batman Racing catamaran, a 2007 MTI creation paying homage to the Batman series, is a standout among themed boats. Owned by Elliot Toth of Illinois, it’s the sole open-cockpit MTI with a themed design competing in offshore racing, specifically in the Bracket 200 class. Continue reading to discover the remarkable performance of this incredible boat at the 2023 Race World Offshore Key West World Championship.

Of all the “themed” catamarans built by MTI during the years, from the cartoon-inspired Speed Racer to a pair of Lamborghini automobile-inspired stunners, Batman is perhaps the most unusual. Like the Batboat and Batmobile from the famed comic strip and television show, the 44-footer completed in 2007 actually has “tail fins.”

Clients Darren and Cory Atkinson wanted authenticity in their homage to the Batman series, and the Wentzville, Mo., company was happy to deliver it.

The Batman Racing boat holds another distinction: It is the only themed open-cockpit MTI to make it onto the offshore racecourse. Thanks to owner Elliot Toth of Illinois, the catamaran competes in the Bracket 200 class.

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