MTI At 25—The NFL ConnectionMTI has an NFL connection due to many professional athletes often having short-lived forays into high-performance boating, buying and selling extravagant boats quickly. However, exceptions like former NFL All-Pro Albert Haynesworth exist. He owned multiple MTI boats, including the 48-foot catamaran Terminator, intending to keep it for an extended period. Continue reading to discover other NFL stars who joined the MTI owner list

Though it’s always cool when professional athletes enter the high-performance boating world—at least if you’re into pro sports and enjoy go-fast boats—they don’t tend to last long. They usually buy something exotic and wild, run it a bit and then sell it a few years later. Then they’re gone.

There are exceptions, of course. Former NFL All-Pro Tennessee Titan Albert Haynesworth stuck with it for several years and even enjoyed several Florida Powerboat Club poker runs. In 2011, he took delivery of Terminator, a new 48-foot MTI catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 1025/1200SCi engines, and ran it in the club’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run.

“It’s a badass,” he said at the time. ”I’m actually going to keep this one for a few years.”

But Terminator wasn’t Haynesworth’s first MTI creation. A couple of years before he stepped up to the 48-footer, he owned a 44-foot catamaran dubbed Hellraiser from the Wentzville, Mo., company. That boat was powered by Mercury Racing 1075SCi engines.

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