MTI To The Sea Turtle Rescue During New Year’s Fun Run

In a surprising turn of events during the MTI New Year’s Eve Fun Run, Taylor Scism found herself coordinating the return of a 600-pound leatherback sea turtle to the Gulf Stream. Scism’s unique involvement in this marine rescue adds an unexpected and heartwarming dimension to the MTI owners’ gathering, showcasing the unexpected connections between boating enthusiasts and the conservation efforts of the local community. Continue reading to learn more!

During events for MTI owners, client relations manager Taylor Scism has any number of predictable, hospitality-centric chores to handle. This weekend, with customers of the Wentzville, Mo., company community together in the Middle Florida Keys for New Year’s Eve, is no exception.

But what Scism didn’t expect was coordinating the return of a 600-pound leatherback sea turtle to the Gulf Stream today from Turtle Hospital in Marathon, just a quick ride from Hawk’s Cay Resort, the host venue for this weekend’s New Year’s Eve Fun Run for MTI owners.

Scism learned about the turtle through an Instagram post. Earlier this week, the creature had washed ashore on Miami’s famed South Beach and was too exhausted to make it back offshore. The turtle was transported to the Marathon facility for treatment of minor injuries before its return to the sea.

Scism, who knew staff members at the Turtle Hospital from her offshore racing experiences, reached out to see what she could do to help. The plan, she soon learned, was to return the turtle to its natural habitat today.

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