MTI has entered the Sport Fishing market with the MTI-V 42 XSF.


The boat is based off our successful MTI-V 42, and now offers features that serious fisherman have been asking for.

The large bow area offers plenty of usable fishing space, yet still retains the sun lounger ahead of the console. Storage is plentiful in the large floor box, as well as under the lounge seat.

The Carbon Fiber hard top has been designed with fishing and comfort in mind. Its size is large enough to cover two rows of helm seating, yet narrow enough to allow anglers to fight fish without worrying about fishing rods contacting the hard top. As with our MTI-V 42, the XSF offers fantastic wind protection via a full height, concave shaped windscreen. The rear hard top supports connect to the second row of seats and disappear into the cooler which also doubles as a fighting chair.

The wide open rear floor area allows for easy mobility and access to the dual 50 gallon levels in the rear of the cockpit. The 11.5’ beam provides exceptional stability while running as well as slow trolling or drifting. The center of gravity is kept low in an effort to reduce pitching and rolling in the sea.

Those with long runs to their fishing grounds will be impressed by the MTI-V 42’s economy. It is very easy to achieve in excess of 1mpg at a cruise speed of 45+ mph.  Our single 460 gallon fuel tank allows anglers to cover a lot of distance without having to carry a recessive amount of fuel.